HOA Newsletter Contest and Edmond SUNniest Neighbor

Contest Rules
The Edmond Neighborhood Alliance and the Edmond SUN work together on this effort to select our Best Neighborhood Newsletter in Edmond and to select the honorees from nominations for the Edmond SUNniest Neighbor Contest.
Regular internal communications are key to insuring residents are informed and helps make your neighborhood special place to live.
All neighborhood newsletters, facebook, websites or email groups like Nextdoor help keep residents informed about HOA activities, clean-up projects, school bus connections, welcome new residents and say goodbye to others.
HOA Board Members or residents can submit Nominations for the best neighborhood Newsletter (includes Website/Facebook/Nextdoor or other media) need to be at the Edmond Sun by 5pm on Tuesday Nov 28 or submitted to an ENA Board member.
For the newsletter contest, please submit one or two recent HOA newsletters or Social Media items to the SUN.
The second contest - the SUNniest Neighbor, please submit a write-up (about one page) that describes what your neighbor is like and what they do that makes them the Sunniest Neighbor. Nominations for this award are also due Nov 27th either to the SUN or an ENA Board Member.
You can also email your nomination for the Sunniest Neighbor to news@edmondsun.com.