Edmond Plan IV UPDATE

The City started updating Edmond Master Plan IV Oct last year.  There were a number of meetings this November with various community organizations conducted by Randy Entz the Edmond City Planner and Ken Bryan the Edmond Long Range Planner.  We expect the City Council to approved the Update Edmond Plan IV this Spring.
To facilitate this review last year, the city planners looked at our community by 9 separate areas plus downtown.  It summarizes each subsection by Residential, Multi-family and Commercial acres, undeveloped land by projected zoning and available Green space which includes, lakes, flood plains and dedicated parks and detention areas.
There are 3 subareas east of I-35, 3 subareas West of Broadway and 3 subareas in the middle between Broadway & I-35 and then downtown.
You can click on the links below or any of the 10 sections of this map and see Plan IV projected uses for your part of town.  

These sections range from 4 – 8 sq. miles are small enough to recognize landmarks and appreciate the residential and commercialization density and assess the impact of projected uses for undeveloped land that are near your property.  Neighborhoods and Apartments are clearly identified and includes the # of homes & apartments.



Full Plan Update


Southwest Neighborhoods

West  Neighborhoods

Northwest Neighborhoods

Northeast Neighborhoods

Central Neighborhoods

Downtown Neighborhoods

Southeast Neighborhoods

Far Northeast Neighborhoods

Arcadia Lake and East Edmond